[vc_row background_image=”0″][vc_column][vc_column_text]Becoming a Member (Prospecting)

  • Membership is open to men only
  • Each candidate for admission must be at least 21 years old with a visible and legal source of income and a valid motorcycle license
  • He must be sponsored by a voting member in good standing and own at least one (1) Harley-Davidson or facsimile of at least 1200cc.
  • Prospects must show a sincere interest in the club and motorcycles.
  • Each candidate for admission must attend a minimum of six (6) regularly scheduled monthly meetings and participate in at least six (6) official organized rides. The process is generally as follows:
    • Anyone is invited to “Hang Around” the club for as long as they wish before beginning the Prospecting phase. This means that you are welcome to get to know us through any of our open functions or runs. All members must first go through a short “prospecting” phase, which requires being sponsored by a member of the club. Use the Hang Around time to get to know someone well enough that they will take you on as a sponsor.
    • 1st meeting: If a man is interested in becoming more involved, they will express an interest in attending a meeting (generally to the member who will become his sponsor). If he receives an invitation, he will be welcomed at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
    • If that person is still interested, they will attend a second meeting after which they may formally submit their application. The applicant shall submit an Application for Admission to the Club’s Secretary.
    • If accepted as a Prospect, at the third (3rd) meeting attended, that person will receive a Top Rocker, MC Patch, Dot, and Diamond to be placed on their vest. There will be a $100 fee associated with the prospecting period, which is payable at this meeting.
    • The 3rd, 4th, and 5th meetings will be the “official” prospecting period. It is during this time that prospective members are expected to learn and put into practice, the proper behavior of a Motorcycle Club Member.
    • It is also during this 90-day period that a prospect must collect signatures of all original 13 founders of the SSMC as well as the signature of any chapter president within 150 miles of their future chapter clubhouse (clubhouse to clubhouse). These signatures, all on one piece of paper, are required before a member may be voted on for full-patch status.
    • Sponsors are responsible for their prospects. Keep them in line and educate them. Your Prospect reflects upon you!
    • After the 5th meeting, the Secretary of the Club will invite the candidate and his sponsor to the next monthly board meeting to discuss his candidacy. If members have concerns or questions about the prospect’s ability to fully patch, they should bring it up with a board member or the prospect’s sponsor before this meeting so that issues may be addressed before the formal vote.
    • At the following regularly scheduled club meeting (officially the 6th meeting attended by the Prospect), the Secretary of the Club will present the candidate for admission. The prospect will have the opportunity to speak to the club about why he would like to become a member, and then open himself up to answering any questions or concerns of the existing membership.